The Departure

We made it. And by we, I mean me. But they say when you write a blog you should have an inviting voice, so for the sake of being communal and inclusive, let’s say we.

I wish you were all coming with me. Or at least some of you… some of you may be strangers. Or mean. 

Ask me how I feel. 

I don’t have a good answer for you. There’s a roulette wheel of emotions circulating through my brain and chest right now and at any given point, my answer changes. As of right now we’re between elation and panic: 60% elated, forty percent panicked. 

This is it though. My flight takes off in forty minutes, and there’s no looking back now. 

I’m going to Greece. And I’m teaching. And I’m immersing myself in another culture. And I’m leaving my sphere of comfort. 

And that’s big. So go me.

This has been a very disjointed, uneventful post. But it reflects my emotional state at the moment, and I believe honesty is what I’m going for here in this space.

Wish me luck. 

And have a beautiful day, wherever you are!



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