Reasons I have neglected my blog since my departure:

I have been too busy living to sit and write.

Reasons I began my blog:

To write down and remember my experiences.

In an unforeseen turn of events, this trip has become my most adventurous one to date. The last seven (possibly eight?) days have been a blur of beaches, lakes, hikes, bars, and conversation. I have seen so much, I have experienced so much, I have heard so much, and I have felt, so so much.

I feel so incredibly lucky to have fallen into this program. I feel so blessed to have met the individuals I have met. I feel so humbled by my surroundings. And I feel so happy in my skin.

It sounds silly to express it out loud, but even as I type this out I believe in it more.. my perspective on life has changed to reflect the notion that each day is a beautiful, precious experience that demands celebration and credence.

I have been inhaling the Cretan the air too strongly; perhaps swallowing the sea water too heartily.

I will say this: I have made a few friends over the last few days and spent considerable amounts of time with them; arguably, the better parts of each day. In the process of learning the silly details of their lives though, I have also learned their struggles and heard bits and pieces of their very honest stories. And in turn, I have been captivated by their understanding of suffering and more importantly, success.

I have fallen in love with their persistent belief in the magic of each day.

So here is to living. And to the blog posts I may not have written, but the moments I have felt and celebrated any way.


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