Retraction (of sorts)

Well, in a thrilling turn of events my life has once more shifted course. I’ve debated what my next move should be over the last few hours, but ultimately come to decide that doing nothing is my final one.
The last post I made was for a person that I thought I cared deeply for. As it turns out, said person was by no means on the same page as me, and had no problem ending our relationship over a short lived trans-continental phone call where, mind you, they did not even have the courtesy to officially say they were ending our relationship, or really give a concrete explanation for as to why and why now. But let us leave that in that in the past.
I am fairly certain he won’t bother reading this, and I am also committed to maintaining an air of honesty and reality on this blog… so here’s to the fairly public demise of my relationship. (This is in truth why I am refraining from deleting my last post, although I am curious as to whether he read that one before ending it.)
Post break up phone call, I felt my head spinning as I ran through my options for what move to make next. On one hand, the sun was setting and it was optimal time to go for a swim. On the other, I was in close proximity to several tavernas and bars, optimal for consuming a regrettable amount of tequila sunrises.
Instead, I more sensibly called one of the volunteers from my program who I’d grown close to and vented. Following that initial release of emotion, I messaged three people: my brother, and two of the Greek friends I’d made here.
Doing so turned out to be a wonderful decision. I won’t dive into details, but here is what we established:
I am turning twenty one in nine days. I will be single, and I will be on the opposite side of the world from everything I know.. but will maintain one thing, and that is that I am blessed.
I am in Greece. I am traveling. I have a wonderful group of friends at home. And I have made a wonderful set of friends here in Greece. I have a trip to Italy after I finish my time here. I have the opportunity to volunteer with incredibly sweet children on a daily basis. I have a family that will care for me when I am in need. I have an education, and an institution that is helping me pursue it further. I have my health in good standing. I have a home I can return to. And I have myself, and my mind, and my body, and my spirit.
And I, regardless of this rather unfortunately timed and inconvenient turn of events, have been blessed. And that is what I am choosing to focus on as I move forward with my life.


*Friends who happen to read this, please refrain from feeling pity. I am happy, and I have talked about it enough. I am ready to move forward and forget.

*My ‘Adventure List’ tab has been updated with more specific areas I have traveled to! Check it out. 🙂



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