I suck at writing.

It’s my final week here in Greece and I’ve collectively made… six posts while here? And have they even been about being here? Of course not, half of those six have revolved around a silly breakup.
Everyone knows that heartbreak has a tendency to force the pen… but arguably, travel should too.

This trip has been about so much more than the end of a relationship —

This trip has been a metaphoric leap into an abyss of sorts. It has been delightful, and painful, and euphoric, and exploratory, and downright pitifully lonely at times— but as it comes closer and closer to ending, it draws closer and closer to the beginning of the second, and final leg.

I wish I had written more about my time here in Greece, but I also realize that it isn’t too late to write down the missing pieces now.

Greece has been such an odd adventure, and as I write this now I find myself spinning with emotion. I have to leave to teach a class in a few minutes now, and in needing to do so I’ll be losing this train of thought… but if Greece has taught me anything, it is that every moment of my life has happened just as it should have. So who knows, maybe in the grand scheme of things, leaving will give me even greater clarity than I seem to think I have now.


Be back in an hour, unless something else extraordinary happens.



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