It’s Thursday.


A few days ago I began writing a post questioning the longevity of my Euro high. A week had passed since my return and despite being cast into more or less the same routine I had left behind, I had managed to maintain an air of resilience towards the mundane.

I never finished said post (so far my drafts folder stands at a solid nineteen), but I did get an answer today when I crashed. Sort of.

I took the day off, my first real day off since my return actually, and while it began seemingly well it seems to have crash landed. And I’m not quite sure how to proceed. Hence why I find myself writing this post.

I’ve been surrounded by an untold amount of individuals since my return to the US. And I’ve been incredibly happy as result. But something today has triggered a wave of sadness… and it’s almost as though I am coming off an actual high. Only this wasn’t some sort of chemically induced high, it was a natural, life fortified high that made me feel as though I could take on any challenge happily.

Perhaps this is simply a gentle reminder that I am only human.




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