a jumbled update

Remember a few posts back when I mentioned a sense of ambivalence washing over me? Ax that. As it turns out that ambivalence was actually just masking a sense of purpose, which I have since then found.

This week has been a blur of advisory meetings and realizations but I’ve come away with one integral bit of understanding: I have an actual chance of getting into a fantastic graduate program. As in, an actual chance– as confirmed by multiple doctorate level professionals. 

These next few months are going to be so incredibly challenging, but these last few weeks have given me so much clarity as to what things in my life possess importance and value.

Streamlining your lifestyle is an absolute process, and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that it comes with its own array of sadness and hurt, but it also creates a standard for your life. And ultimately it creates confidence within you, because it forces you to understand that what you have and what you could have are separate things.

You either instigate your demise or create your success… strive for the latter.



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