5:06 PM

Happy Sunday, kiddos.

I’ve found myself inside yet another overpriced D.C cafe today. Shocker. Here’s a rundown of what I’ve gotten up to/ experienced: I’ve maintained the same position for three hours. I’ve made eye contact with the same barista seven eight times. I’ve had five strangers sit at my table. I’ve glimpsed at my neighbor’s bookmark (it’s a photobooth strip of him and a girl) twice. I’ve all but forgotten my latte. My ice cubes have come to resemble the arctic ice caps (melted). My brain, has all but followed suit. And yet, I’ve maintained a level of resiliency known only as the millennial generation’s ability to forge on. A surge of tenacious energy keeps me buzzing and afloat as my coffee high wares off. My hunger remains satiated by the sixteen dollar bowl of Ramen I half inhaled, half consumed at noon in Adams Morgan. Why is everything in this district pricey? Coffee’s six dollars a cup, and company’s even harder to come by.

That XAmbassador’s song everyone hates bleeds into my ears. Hold on to me, cause I’m a little unsteady. As I hear those words I feel the urge to scream get your life together; as I close my eyes, a slew of faces stream through my mind. Sadness.

I find that the man in front of me is reading an article with the word ‘fiduciary’ in its title. I had to use autocorrect to spell fiduciary. I had to use Google in order to understand that I have just about no understanding of the word fiduciary. I had to ask the man in front of me for clarification under the pretense of my upcoming GRE.

  • (A) fiduciary is an individual who acts on behalf of another.
    YW, you learn something every other day.

This blog has nothing to do with traveling and everything to do with my mundane existence now. Welp.

I’m bringing in a new segment: TINY OVERPRICED COFFEE SHOP REVIEW TIME!

Today’s Subject: Filter (1726 20th Street Northwest)
DuPont metro stop, exit onto q street, hang a right so that Lou Lou’s is on your right side as you’re walking towards the Church of  Scientology (red/orange lookin building, can’t miss). At that funky intersection, cross onto the other side of the street so that Starbucks is on your left, but  walk on in the same direction past it. In about sixty seconds you’ll have arrived. It’ll basically look like you’re at someone’s apartment.

Now this wasn’t my first time here, but this was my first time using it as a study space.
Here’s my quicky review as result:

  • filter has a solid rotating bean selection — full bodied, vibrant brews for any palette and/or pastry selection
    • i currently rec the 2016 fall blend that they have available if you’re a strict coffee drinker. otherwise, you can never go wrong with a flat white.
  • they get points for their supplier being a local miroroaster (ceremony) yay local
  • this is a low key establishment – no frills, no fancy (but this lends itself to creating a v nice ambiance)
  • there’s fairly limited seating (five tables, four bar seats, and some chairs outside) but you can double up on tables if you don’t mind getting close with rando’s
    • pro tip: there are two window sills you can perch on while hunting for a free table
  • it’s a little pricey (3.50 flat white, 5.00 12oz mocha) but def tasty and caffeine-y, and lets face, anything in this area is pricey
  • there are eye candy hipstery baristas behind the bar for you single folk, heh.
  • overall thoughts: would come back to sit to study, maybe not for a casual coffee date 7.5/10

Many o’s



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