WPC: Nostalgia


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, here’s a quick one on nostalgia as I prepare to run out the door and begin my day.

Facebook rolled out its new “on this day (x) amount of years ago” feature a few months ago, and as result I’ve found myself drifting off down memory lane every so often. A few days ago, this particular image cropped up on my feed and threw me back to a time of reckless, youth driven euphoria. It was fairly early in the morning, and I, like every millennial, was checking in on my social platforms half asleep, but awake enough to mindlessly scroll for a few moments before presumably drifting back into slumber.

This was taken my senior year of high school. This day was one of the happiest days of my life. Those humans were my family. And I, unlike many individuals unfortunately, actually experienced a world of happiness and transformation in high school.

I see this image and nostalgia is the sensation of transporting back to a time where running through the high school gym as a part of a sports team meant sisterhood. A time where the boy in my life stood behind me and watched partially in horror and partially in love as I danced uncoordinatedly to our drum line’s beat. It was a time where twenty four hours after receiving my drivers permit, I pilled six of my closest friends into my moms beat up Honda and shakily drove across town for burgers and fries just because I could.

I think back to this day and I’m reminded that for all the sadness I’ve felt, I’ve always managed to find happiness in my endeavors.

Nostalgia is nearing the end of an incredibly challenging year and edging closer to the end of college and feeling a sense of longing for all the good moments but yet, still realizing that these are the moments I’ll long for in the inevitable future.



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