2 things (strangers + another first date)

My last haphazardly written post on nostalgia somehow triggered a wave of readers that have made me so happy, I’ve chosen to mention them in my writing! Granted, I’ll just about mention any human that comes across my path because I believe to some extent everyone means something BUT, I digress.

I’m not much for tracking counts and stats, but I do receive wordpress notifications. And as a slew of likes trickled in on my last post, curiosity got the best of me and I decided to check in on the madness. What I was met with absolutely floored me. Readers from Finland, and the Netherlands, and Greece(!) and at least a dozen other countries have read my words! It absolutely made my entire day and reminded me of the worlds interconnected(ness). How beautiful it is to share something from one end and have it received in another. Thank you kind souls for shedding such light into my life.  ❤

On a completely unrelated note, here’s a quick one as I get ready to snooze.

First dates either go really well orrrr really terribly, there really is no way you can convince me otherwise on this.

In either case, I went on another first date tonight… and this one was really great guys. Like, smiling so hard throughout the night that your face hurts on the train ride home kinda great.

I freely admit that I am far too emotionally drained from the last guy to date again quite yet, and frankly, that I’m far too busy to commit to any sort of actual relationship these days… but I have to say this: I’ve dated a fair amount in the last five or so years of my life and experienced a variety of relationships varying from really fantastic to catastrophically regrettable, enough so to realize what I like and I what I want to run for the hills from.

And so here’s my take on tonight (for future ref). This one may not end up being my heart mate, but he may have been exactly what I needed for this point in my life. Tonight’s first date was with a really really sweet, really really really cute (like, man bun + beard kinda cute) guy. And I think he was a gentle reminder of the truly wonderful, fascinating humans you have the potential to find out there, if you simply allow yourself to be there.


(Update: there’s going to be a second date. 🙃)


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