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I build homes in humans and find love in buildings and architecture. Last summer I uncovered Florence, and Florence built a forever home in my heart.

Florence was architectural elegance at its finest. Cobbled streets and aged buildings– never ending walls of brick. It left me in awe and constant shock. I was in sensory overload (the smells and the sounds and the sites and the textures…).

But as I climbed the steps of Giotto’s Campanile, somewhere along my 414 step ascent into the clouds, I stopped. It wasn’t a moment of realization or clarity or a yearning desire to capture beauty… it was embarrassingly, a moment of fatigue. I, a young, sprightly, twenty one year old had run out of energy and was facing a mild run in with claustrophobia. So in a moment of despair (and sheer genius, now looking back), I shoved my camera into the space created by a missing brick in the wall, collapsed onto my legs and adjusted my auto- focus lens so as to simply avoid tumbling back against those behind me.

I, by no means displayed grace in that moment. The product of my collapse, however, never fails to remind me of the grace and beauty Florence’s buildings and landscape carry.




Specifically Vague (Daily Prompt: Specific)

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I sat outside and the let chill seep into my bones. Beneath the delicate layers of my skin, between my meticulously curated set of cells, deeply entrenched among the fury of activity within, I let the cool air invade and settle. And as the howls of the wind fell into silence, all I could hear was the steady sound of my ragged breathing.

I have been struggling to string together sentences these days. I have been at a loss with my words. So much has happened, so much has changed, so much has remained the same, and yet, no words have come close to describing how I feel.

Things are good. Until they aren’t. Until they inevitably become good again. How strange it is to exist in such precarious states.

And so I run. In the cold. And I let the jagged air race through me and my thoughts freely slip into nothingness as I patiently wait for the day they remain.

Happy 2017.