By seven months I had been baptized.
By seven years I had attended more church services in a month than birthday parties in a year.
By seventeen I had separated myself from every religious tie that I had been forced into.
But here, at twenty one, I have found myself wishing I that I had succumbed to believing.

I made a move towards claiming spirituality today, though. I found myself praying for someone else. 

I’ve fought countless battles within myself, arguing for and against religion over the years. I was born to a split household, a pious Catholic and a devout Buddhist had agreed to maintain their respective ideologies. They believed in their distinct beliefs; they believed in each other. They believed that religion grounded individuals and that Catholicism could ground their wild child, free spirited daughter.

It didn’t. It couldn’t.

And so for years I set God aside, only reaching out in times of need. How often did I find myself at my lowest, crying in the bathroom, sobbing in my tub, asking for forgiveness? For the love of God, God, throw me a bone.

He never did. Or perhaps he did, but by then I had shifted my belief into myself. Is impatience a virtue? Perhaps a sin.

I found myself saying to another human that I was praying for them today. I don’t know why I did. Or well, I know why I did. Because they believed in God. And if they believed in God, then I too could believe for them. And so I did. And I have never found myself more selflessly devoted.




One on Flattery (//Daily Post)

via Daily Prompt: Flattery

Flattery demolishes insecurity. It transforms ugly thoughts into thoughts of acceptance. It transcends deeply rooted self- instilled, debilitating disappoint in oneself.

We argue that flattery is superfluous, inflated fluff, but sometimes, flattery goes beyond compliments. It is gazing, it is adoring, it is encouraging; it is a silent believer among a sea of skeptics.

Flattery is a nudge towards healing.

Flattery, is last Saturday night.


2 things (strangers + another first date)

My last haphazardly written post on nostalgia somehow triggered a wave of readers that have made me so happy, I’ve chosen to mention them in my writing! Granted, I’ll just about mention any human that comes across my path because I believe to some extent everyone means something BUT, I digress.

I’m not much for tracking counts and stats, but I do receive wordpress notifications. And as a slew of likes trickled in on my last post, curiosity got the best of me and I decided to check in on the madness. What I was met with absolutely floored me. Readers from Finland, and the Netherlands, and Greece(!) and at least a dozen other countries have read my words! It absolutely made my entire day and reminded me of the worlds interconnected(ness). How beautiful it is to share something from one end and have it received in another. Thank you kind souls for shedding such light into my life.  ❤

On a completely unrelated note, here’s a quick one as I get ready to snooze.

First dates either go really well orrrr really terribly, there really is no way you can convince me otherwise on this.

In either case, I went on another first date tonight… and this one was really great guys. Like, smiling so hard throughout the night that your face hurts on the train ride home kinda great.

I freely admit that I am far too emotionally drained from the last guy to date again quite yet, and frankly, that I’m far too busy to commit to any sort of actual relationship these days… but I have to say this: I’ve dated a fair amount in the last five or so years of my life and experienced a variety of relationships varying from really fantastic to catastrophically regrettable, enough so to realize what I like and I what I want to run for the hills from.

And so here’s my take on tonight (for future ref). This one may not end up being my heart mate, but he may have been exactly what I needed for this point in my life. Tonight’s first date was with a really really sweet, really really really cute (like, man bun + beard kinda cute) guy. And I think he was a gentle reminder of the truly wonderful, fascinating humans you have the potential to find out there, if you simply allow yourself to be there.


(Update: there’s going to be a second date. 🙃)

WPC: Nostalgia


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, here’s a quick one on nostalgia as I prepare to run out the door and begin my day.

Facebook rolled out its new “on this day (x) amount of years ago” feature a few months ago, and as result I’ve found myself drifting off down memory lane every so often. A few days ago, this particular image cropped up on my feed and threw me back to a time of reckless, youth driven euphoria. It was fairly early in the morning, and I, like every millennial, was checking in on my social platforms half asleep, but awake enough to mindlessly scroll for a few moments before presumably drifting back into slumber.

This was taken my senior year of high school. This day was one of the happiest days of my life. Those humans were my family. And I, unlike many individuals unfortunately, actually experienced a world of happiness and transformation in high school.

I see this image and nostalgia is the sensation of transporting back to a time where running through the high school gym as a part of a sports team meant sisterhood. A time where the boy in my life stood behind me and watched partially in horror and partially in love as I danced uncoordinatedly to our drum line’s beat. It was a time where twenty four hours after receiving my drivers permit, I pilled six of my closest friends into my moms beat up Honda and shakily drove across town for burgers and fries just because I could.

I think back to this day and I’m reminded that for all the sadness I’ve felt, I’ve always managed to find happiness in my endeavors.

Nostalgia is nearing the end of an incredibly challenging year and edging closer to the end of college and feeling a sense of longing for all the good moments but yet, still realizing that these are the moments I’ll long for in the inevitable future.



Is success acing an exam? Or is success a friend landing an life changing internship and choosing to immediately text you to share their moment with.

The last seven days have been absolute academic chaos; multiple exams, a presentation, a several page paper, four internship deliverables, an internship application for next semester, and three work shifts.

My mind is spinning, my bones are aching, and my eyes are constantly drooping. And yet amidst all the chaos I find myself questioning whether what I’m achieving can even be considered success.

My exam scores say yes. My paper comments scream praise. My professors seem pleased. And yet…

My success as a human is not a reflection of the work I’ve completed in pursuit of higher education– my success as a human is reflected in the people that surround me: the one that checks in on me every few days just to ask how I’m feeling, the one that tells me I look nice today every day that they see me, the one that reminds me of assignments every night because they know I’m too overwhelmed to keep track, the one that sends me cute animal videos throughout the day because they know they make me smile, the one that promises eternal hugs the next time they see me…

I’m surrounded by so much love at a point in my life where I feel so drained and empty and it’s absolutely incredible. I am so ridiculously fortunate and humbled by the individuals around me.

But then there’s the caveat; the part where achieving academic success means saying no to grabbing drinks or going to the gym or seeing a band. The part where academic success requires selflessness turning into selfishness.

I’m at a loss these days. I’m buried deep within an ever growing vortex of assignments and to do lists, a battle against my own brain, and an army of wonderful humans who I simply want to spend time with. There is no easy answer though, there never is. But I’ll search for it regardless.



A Day Late Thanks (+ a date)


Kindness is driving thirty minutes across town to deliver flowers and breakfast, because. Because sadness manifests within my bones, because hurt festers, because mornings lend themselves to moods, and because I am the messiest amalgam of wayward-ness these days.
Kindness is loving someone in pain, someone who doesn’t deserve it, who cannot reciprocate… loving them regardless.
Kindness beyond what I deserve, but kindness I’m constantly surprised to find myself surrounded by.


I went on a date last night.
It was a first date.

And that’s all I’ll say about that for now. 


gloomy gloom

What is it about gloomy weather that pushes you into being pensive?

feel so much more when there are clouds involved. Arguably the sun has the same effect, but it’s so much more pronounced when there’s a chill in the air and a chance of rain.


5:06 PM

Happy Sunday, kiddos.

I’ve found myself inside yet another overpriced D.C cafe today. Shocker. Here’s a rundown of what I’ve gotten up to/ experienced: I’ve maintained the same position for three hours. I’ve made eye contact with the same barista seven eight times. I’ve had five strangers sit at my table. I’ve glimpsed at my neighbor’s bookmark (it’s a photobooth strip of him and a girl) twice. I’ve all but forgotten my latte. My ice cubes have come to resemble the arctic ice caps (melted). My brain, has all but followed suit. And yet, I’ve maintained a level of resiliency known only as the millennial generation’s ability to forge on. A surge of tenacious energy keeps me buzzing and afloat as my coffee high wares off. My hunger remains satiated by the sixteen dollar bowl of Ramen I half inhaled, half consumed at noon in Adams Morgan. Why is everything in this district pricey? Coffee’s six dollars a cup, and company’s even harder to come by.

That XAmbassador’s song everyone hates bleeds into my ears. Hold on to me, cause I’m a little unsteady. As I hear those words I feel the urge to scream get your life together; as I close my eyes, a slew of faces stream through my mind. Sadness.

I find that the man in front of me is reading an article with the word ‘fiduciary’ in its title. I had to use autocorrect to spell fiduciary. I had to use Google in order to understand that I have just about no understanding of the word fiduciary. I had to ask the man in front of me for clarification under the pretense of my upcoming GRE.

  • (A) fiduciary is an individual who acts on behalf of another.
    YW, you learn something every other day.

This blog has nothing to do with traveling and everything to do with my mundane existence now. Welp.

I’m bringing in a new segment: TINY OVERPRICED COFFEE SHOP REVIEW TIME!

Today’s Subject: Filter (1726 20th Street Northwest)
DuPont metro stop, exit onto q street, hang a right so that Lou Lou’s is on your right side as you’re walking towards the Church of  Scientology (red/orange lookin building, can’t miss). At that funky intersection, cross onto the other side of the street so that Starbucks is on your left, but  walk on in the same direction past it. In about sixty seconds you’ll have arrived. It’ll basically look like you’re at someone’s apartment.

Now this wasn’t my first time here, but this was my first time using it as a study space.
Here’s my quicky review as result:

  • filter has a solid rotating bean selection — full bodied, vibrant brews for any palette and/or pastry selection
    • i currently rec the 2016 fall blend that they have available if you’re a strict coffee drinker. otherwise, you can never go wrong with a flat white.
  • they get points for their supplier being a local miroroaster (ceremony) yay local
  • this is a low key establishment – no frills, no fancy (but this lends itself to creating a v nice ambiance)
  • there’s fairly limited seating (five tables, four bar seats, and some chairs outside) but you can double up on tables if you don’t mind getting close with rando’s
    • pro tip: there are two window sills you can perch on while hunting for a free table
  • it’s a little pricey (3.50 flat white, 5.00 12oz mocha) but def tasty and caffeine-y, and lets face, anything in this area is pricey
  • there are eye candy hipstery baristas behind the bar for you single folk, heh.
  • overall thoughts: would come back to sit to study, maybe not for a casual coffee date 7.5/10

Many o’s


a jumbled update

Remember a few posts back when I mentioned a sense of ambivalence washing over me? Ax that. As it turns out that ambivalence was actually just masking a sense of purpose, which I have since then found.

This week has been a blur of advisory meetings and realizations but I’ve come away with one integral bit of understanding: I have an actual chance of getting into a fantastic graduate program. As in, an actual chance– as confirmed by multiple doctorate level professionals. 

These next few months are going to be so incredibly challenging, but these last few weeks have given me so much clarity as to what things in my life possess importance and value.

Streamlining your lifestyle is an absolute process, and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that it comes with its own array of sadness and hurt, but it also creates a standard for your life. And ultimately it creates confidence within you, because it forces you to understand that what you have and what you could have are separate things.

You either instigate your demise or create your success… strive for the latter.


An Open Letter to my Best Friend

Thank you for loving me in a purely platonic sense. For accepting my chaos, for uplifting my sadness, for being my pal. I love you in the easiest way possible, and I will forever cherish what you bring to my life, which is happiness in its purest form.

Thank you for seeing the world as I see it. For sitting in earth shattering silence because I need it, for sharing sacred tears because I can’t hold it, and for splitting pizzas, because you know I’ll never finish it.

You are without a doubt the definition of wonderful and incredible and decent, and you will always be the standard I hold all others to.

I love you, friend.